Specimen 6

Graphite Artwork.


Drawing on bright white heavyweight catridge paper (Canson 110.5lb, DINA6) // Graphite Sketching Pencils (Faber-Castell 2HB, HB, 4B)


with GIMP 2.10.10, Mouse only (no Drawing Tablet yet)


This is the seventh piece of my „Alien“-Collection. It is a collection of different Xenomorph stages or characters of the ALIEN™? franchise.

Specimen 6 was a Xenomorph birthed from a regular human test subject on the planet BG-386. It had a number 6 embedded on his forehead to make it distinct from the others. From its birth, it showed cleverness by being able to escape his captors. The Xenomorph played a big part in freeing his fellow Aliens and causing the infestation on the planet. After killing dozens of marines and members of the research team, it finally defeated an Elite Predator Warrior. In the end, it morphed into a Queen (possibly with the help of royal jelly) and started a new hive.

Art Style: Graphite Sketch