Grid by Venomy

Graphite Artwork.


Drawing on bright white heavyweight catridge paper (Canson 110.5lb, DINA6) // Graphite Sketching Pencils (Faber-Castell 2HB, HB, 4B)


with GIMP 2.10.10, Mouse only (no Drawing Tablet yet)

This is the sixth piece of my „Alien“-Collection.

Art Style: Graphite Sketch

It is a collection of different Xenomorph stages or characters of the ALIEN™ franchise.

Grid was a Xenomorph Drone that acted as the alpha of the Xenomorphs and was born in a Yautja pyramid beneath Bouvet Island in 2004.
Its name was given due to net wounds when getting constricted in Celtic’s net. Grid was responsible for killing the Yautja Chopper and Celtic, who had come to the Pyramid to hunt Xenomorphs as part of an initiation hunt, and also helped to free the Queen held captive by the Predators deep within the pyramid. (Source)