Graphite Artwork.


Drawing on Sketch Paper (90 lbs, DINA4) // Graphite Sketching Pencils (Faber-Castell HB, 4B)


with GIMP 2.10, Mouse only (no Drawing Tablet yet)


Half-woman, half-spider, transformed into a monster by the Flames of Chaos. Daughter of the Witch of Izalith, guarding the second Bell of Awakening, only fights you to protect her sister.

– Chaos Witch Quelaag –

This is the sixth piece of my Dark Souls™️ Collection. I hope you enjoy! 

Who is „Quelaag“?:
Quelaag once lived with her mother, the Witch of Izalith, and her siblings in the ancient city of Izalith. After the Flame of Chaos incident, all but her sister Quelana were transformed into demons. She and one of her sisters escaped the worst of it, having their lower torsos bound to giant spiders. Fleeing their deranged, demonic kin, they climbed to the base of Blighttown, and Quelaag fashioned themselves a home.

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