YouDied by Venomy

Graphite Artwork.


Drawing on Sketch Paper (90 lbs, DINA4) // Graphite Sketching Pencils (Faber Castell 2H, HB, 4B)


with GIMP 2.10


You Died!

– probably the most famous sentence of Dark Souls™️ –

Every Dark Souls™️ Player knows, what that means… it means frustration, anger and pain. But it also means, you can learn from your mistakes and do it better next time. And that means you are one step closer to your goal… to beat one of the most challenging games that was ever created. If there is one thing you can learn from that game: Never give up!

I’ve created a dying-scene between a random character and a Black Knight. Black Knights are pretty tall like you can see in the Drawing. The perspective is chosen intentionally, so the superiority of the Black Knight becomes even clearer. The kneeling character which lost the fight, starts to fade. This is a typical dying animation in Dark Souls, so I tried to catch that in my drawing.

This is the fifth piece of my Dark Souls™️ Collection. I hope you enjoy!